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We Offer Custom Framed Standard & Beveled Mirrors

Decorative framed wall mirrors are an essential component of every home's interior décor. Mirrors provide a range of decorative benefits. Their most useful capabilities include:

Adding Light
Framed wall mirrors are a great tool to magnify natural light from windows or boost the artificial lighting of any room. In particular, beveled mirrors make a great décor statement for the main entrance, the living and dining room, the end of a hallway or the master bedroom. Their overall size and frame style will anchor these key spaces and set a tone of grace and serenity.

Creating Space Framed mirrors add depth to rooms and hallways by pulling the viewer into the reflection and creating the illusion of additional space. In particular, consider using beveled mirrors for any room that feels cramped up, closed in, or that features a dark wall color. A mirror will add radiance to the room and "lighten up" the wall color.

Making Memorable Wall Accents Smaller wall mirrors with decorative frames are an excellent choice to highlight a little corner, a side wall, or any other part of the room that needs a signature detail that denotes warmth and liveliness. Smaller framed mirrors will attract the eye, add a spark of light, and give your décor an extra layer of distinction.

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